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Biofood Companies which deals with Algae

Seambiotic’s vision is to become the global leader in development and production of superior quality marine microalgae for the food additives sector and as an energy alternative source.

Seambiotic was initially established to produce and sell Omega 3 fatty acid products from marine microalgae. Seambiotic developed its business model and now presents a very appealing dual purpose application of its technology: Omega 3 and bio-fuels.

Seambiotic will achieve this goal by establishing marine microalgae farms in different locations worldwide using our know-how technology in utilizing power plant resources & wastes for marine microalgae cultivation.


BioProcess Algae, LLC designs, builds, and operates commercial scale bioreactors that enable efficient conversion of light and CO2 into high value microbial biomass.

BioProcess Algae LLC is focused on fulfilling needs in the transportation fuels and animal feed industries for cost competitive alternatives with favorable carbon balances. BioProcess Algae LLC is based in Portsmouth, RI and is currently running a demonstration plant at the Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. ethanol plant in Shenandoah, Iowa. Grower Harvester™ bioreactors installed in Shenandoah are tied directly into the plant’s CO2 exhaust gas and have been operating continuously since inoculation in October 2009.

BioProcess Algae LLC is a joint venture between Clarcor (NYSE: CLC), BioProcessH2O LLC, Green Plains Renewable Energy, Inc. (NASDQ: GPRE), and NTR plc.


“Success Abroad – Innovation at Home”

Acadian Seaplants Limited (ASL) is a globally recognized industry leader in the processing of seaweed-based products for food, biochemical, agricultural and agri-chemical markets worldwide and in the cultivation and processing of unique seaweeds for Asian as well as global food markets. Several noteworthy aspects of our operations include: the advanced methods used to harvest seaweeds as a sustainable, renewable resource and the technologies created to process the natural seaweed resources into value-added finished products for sale in exacting international markets. These activities have brought knowledge-based employment to Maritime Canadians and environmentally safe benefits to users of the finished products.

With the founding of Acadian Seaplants in 1981, a new Canadian industry was launched.

Acadian Seaplants is a fully-integrated company that is responsible for every stage of its operation from the sustainable harvesting and cultivation of marine plants, technology development and engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance to market development, sales and technical customer support.

We have searched the world to assemble a strong, highly motivated and internationally-recognized team that are all uniquely qualified to meet the challenges of competition in a global, technology-based industry.

Acadian Seaplants is a world-class Canadian company that has placed Canada on the international seaweed map. view more»