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I’am glad to see you here and welcome you. I’am a person from germany and i decided to create this blog, because Algae is a very interesting plant and very useful in different kinds.

News and also Links will be updated as soon as possible. If you take a look at the “Coming soon” Page, then you know what will be here next.

If you have any suggestion, then tell it to me and send a mail !

Important information about the copyright of articles

I have NO intention to harm copyright law from the articles i collect from the whole internet. If anyone feel offended by this, please tell it to me and i will delete this post as soon as possible. I hope i can copy the whole posts from all sites in future, because it already took a lot of time to find and post valuable articles, even when they are copied.

I wish, you’ll find the information about algae you searched for.

Greets… The Admin from Algae Force Blog

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